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Top Ten #9 – Things the Puggles Ate in 2013

One of my old roommates nick-named my dogs “The Piranha-Puggle-Goats” because they will eat anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that remotely resembles a food-like-substance that comes near their mouths, and they will finish it off in 30 seconds or less.  It makes for some interesting stories, and some near misses with fingers.  I know what you’re thinking – “How do they get a hold of everything they eat?”  Well, they are wiley!  They will unabashedly stick their nose in and root around in any bag, box or package that is left in puggle range.  They are also expert tag-teamers – one will distract you while the other goes off and gets into things – and I don’t have proof on this one, but I’m pretty sure that they climb on one another in order to reach things that are higher up.  They are basically scavenger ninjas.  And since they eat everything so quickly, if it goes in the mouth, it’s gone!  So without further ado, the Top Ten Things that the Puggles Ate in 2013.

Dog Shaming

1. Three bars of soap.

2. Four bottles of lotion.  I guess trying to lick it off our legs just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

3. Lip gloss, because puggles like to look pretty too.

4. A tube of hydro-cortisone cream, and the one that I bought to replace it.

5. Two packs of gum.

6. Cardboard boxes – lost count of these.

7. My favorite bra – they almost didn’t live to see the next day.

8. Slice of flour-less chocolate cake followed by 5 doses of hydrogen peroxide.  The latter was to induce vomiting . . . it didn’t work.  He just belched, curled up in his bed and started snoring.  Now when ever I take out the hydrogen peroxide Bubba comes-a-runnin’ licking his lips.

9. A pot-laced loaf of ginger bread. (I was not present for this one, it was the puggle-sitter’s, but apparently a high puggle cannot walk straight.)

10. An entire bottle of Tums.  I think we all know why on this one!


*No puggles were harmed in the making of this Top Ten list.  Okay, there was some indigestion, but they brought it upon themselves!