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Top Ten #7 – Reasons I Wish I Was a Ninja

1. They have their own song by Barenaked Ladies.  I’ve always wanted to have a song by Barenaked Ladies about me.

The Ninjas

2. That obnoxious fly that keeps buzzing around – got it!

Karate Kid

3. That whole stealthily sneaking up on people thing is awesome!  Although with how many times people tell me to make some noise when I walk I’m guessing that I’m already pretty good at this one.

4. Black is very slimming. Just sayin.

5. I want to vacation in Ireland . . . you didn’t listen to the song did you?  So this makes no sense.  Go back and listen to the song!

6. Because of this conversation – “I’m in real estate, what do you do?”  “I’m a ninja.”  BOOM!

7. Awesome toys!


8. They’re incredibly graceful and athletic.  I could use a little grace.  I tend to fall off of my own shoes . . . flat ones . . . while standing still.

9. You never have to worry about bad hair days because no one will ever see your hair.  Heck no one will ever see you!

10. They get to hang out on the water and drink rum all day!  Oh wait, that’s pirates . . . okay forget ninjas, I wanna be a pirate!

  • :Donna Marie

    You definitely make a very good case for being a ninja, Kat, and a pirate is certainly in the running, but I still think I want to be a hobbit 😀

    • Kat Michels

      A Hobbit would definitely be good too. I could totally get into second breakfast!