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Top Ten #3 – Trends in 2013 that I Didn’t Know About Until 2014

Okay, I’ll admit that I tend to exist under a rock.  I’m am not up on all of the new trends and slang, etc.  I still use complete words and correct grammar while texting.  I’m that person.  So it is of no surprise to me that I was able to compile a list of trends and slang that were popular in 2013, that I didn’t learn about until 2014.  So without further ado the Top Ten Trends in 2013 that I Didn’t Know About Until 2014.

1. Extreme Selfies – Apparently after you’ve taken 3000 selfies in your bathroom mirror, it starts to get old (personally my limit was 1).  So instead of finding something else to do, we now have extreme selfies.  I wonder how many bathroom doors have died in the pursuit of this trend.

Kayak Selfie2. Selfie Sunday – Seriously? There’s an entire day devoted to this?  I was aware of Shakespeare Sunday, but Selfie Sunday is a new one to me.

3. Caturday – You take a “selfie” of your cat and post it online on Saturday.  Like you do.

4. Totes – Not just a large bag with handles anymore.  Totes is a shorter more convenient form of the word totally.  Taking out those two letters saves you two syllables.  Totes geeking out about slang over here.

5. Catfish – Refers to someone who is pretending to be someone they’re not, usually through fake online profiles.

6. Guap – A lot of money, like tons of it.

7. Rachet – A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is everyman’s eye candy.  Unfortunately, she’s wrong.  i.e Someone who is “straight ghetto”

8. Straight Ghetto – I was told that this one was self-explanatory.  ?????

9. Salty – Someone or something who is overly pissed off, angry or annoying (my roommate says it totally makes sense, but then again she’s the one that just described a Rachet as Straight Ghetto . . .)

10. Wearing Leggings as pants – Okay technically I knew about this one, but it still blows my mind!  Now if you can find a pair that are the correct size and are of a high enough quality material that they stay opaque no matter what, then strut your stuff girlfriend!  However, if the very act of you walking means that I can tell you that you’re wearing zebra striped underwear, then THOSE ARE NOT PANTS!  Go back home and properly attire yourself for life.  Or, better idea!  Let’s start the first new trend in 2014.  If I can accurately tell you what kind of underwear you’re wearing through your leggings then you have to pay me a dollar.  I live in SoCal, I’ll be rich by next Sunday!  🙂