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Standing on a Precipice

I feel as if I’m standing on a precipice.  The great precipice of a deep canyon that falls precariously for miles and there are craggy rocks, and thorny brambles.  Stray branches to catch and tear at your clothes litter the way down.  Down.  Down through the mist and fog to the unnatural silence permeating the canyon floor where no living soul has survived to take a second breath.

At least that’s what I imagine it to be.  I wouldn’t know for sure, because I haven’t looked.  I haven’t looked because I have no fear that I will meet whatever lies below.  My focus is on the horizon.  The other side of the canyon.  The other side of the abyss.  I can’t see it, but I have no doubt that it is there.  I have faith.  Not faith in a higher power or a helping hand, but in myself.

Faith that no distance is too great if it is the path and direction that I have chosen for myself.  Today I stand upon a precipice at the end of the road that I have forged for myself.  I stand and I prepare to leap.  Not jump, leap.  Leap head first, arms wide and heart open to whatever may come, fully aware that my destination is unknown.  Inevitably it will be exactly where I am supposed to be.  Today I leap.