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How Lucky I Am

Sometimes I forget how truly lucky I am, and it’s days like today that remind me of just that.  When I reached 100 likes on my Facebook page I was sent a congratulatory email from Facebook with a coupon so that I could try out Facebook ads.  So I waited to use it until my latest Heroines of History article came out.  Which if you haven’t seen that, you should check it out.  Mother Jones is pretty awesome!  So, for the past two days I’ve been playing around on Facebook ads.

Apparently, the way that it works, is that Facebook sends an ad out, but you don’t pay until someone clicks on the link, likes it, comments or shares it.  So basically you only have to pay for the results, which in my opinion is pretty awesome – this is of course assuming that I correctly understand how it works.  At any rate, I put out an ad for my page along with sending out “sponsored posts” of my Heroines of History article along with a couple of my older blog posts.  So out they went into the internet ether and I waited to see what would come of them.

What came of them, was that my friends kept liking and commenting on my sponsored posts . . . and I got to pay for each and every one of those.  At one point this afternoon, I actually found myself thinking, “STOP LIKING MY POSTS!”  Then I stopped for a minute to appreciate how truly ridiculous that comment was.  I have people in my life that support me to the point, that even though they have already read something that I wrote, they will read it again, and like the post or comment on the post all over again.  They weren’t doing it to boost my analytics numbers, or encourage others to start a dialogue.  They were doing it because they care about me and appreciate my work.  In my book, that makes me pretty damn lucky.  That’s worth a couple of bucks of ad money . . . or how ever much it actually cost.  Did I mention, I don’t completely understand how it works?