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Empowerment Mix

I am not what you would call a music connoisseur. I listen to quite a bit of music, but I’ll listen to just about anything that’s on, and I generally don’t know band names. I certainly don’t the names of anybody in the band, and with the exception of the Barenaked Ladies, I don’t go out of my way to see a concert. In other words, I enjoy music while I’m in the moment listening to it, but I’ve never been inspired to dig deeper. It’s not my thing.

Yep. Definitely gotten this mixed up before.

Yep. Definitely gotten this mixed up before.

That being said, I fully recognize the power that music can have. I love a good movie soundtrack or score, because there’s a story told through the music itself. They’re great! The Pirates of the Caribbean score will always pump me up and get me ready to work. Therefore, I made a series of mixes in my iTunes that I can play to match the mood I’m in. Sort of like different soundtracks for my life. There’s the slow mix, the workout mix, the belter’s mix – for when I’m in the mood to sing along! – but, I realized that I didn’t have an empowerment mix. A mix of music that pumps me up and makes me feel like I can take over the world. As I was working on a talk that I’m giving at the beginning of March, I decided that I needed an empowerment mix.

Here’s what I came up with, in no particular order, as I generally listen with it on shuffle.

Respect” – Aretha Franklin

Fighter” – Christina Aguilera

Fight Song” – Rachel Platten

Independent Woman” – Destiny’s Child

Who Says” – Selena Gomez

You Gotta Be” – Des’Ree

I’m Every Woman” – Chaka Khan

Love Myself” – Hailee Steinfeld

Stronger” – Kelly Clarkson

Rhythm Nation” – Janet Jackson

Brave” – Sara Bareilles

Born This Way” – Lady Gaga

Confident” – Demi Lovato

Ready for the Good Times” – Shakira

Hit Me with Your Best Shot” – Pat Benatar

Roar” – Katy Perry

I’m Coming Out” – Diana Ross

Get on Your Feet” – Gloria Estefan

Let’s Get Loud” – Jennifer Lopez

Raise the Roof” – Jennifer Holliday

Powerless” – Nelly Furtado


I would love to hear if you have any additions! What am I missing?