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Day Two in the Trenches

So I’m wearing panty hose again, I hate panty hose.  I think you all know that.  But I’m wearing them, because if there’s something that I hate more than panty hose it’s doing laundry.  Therefore I have no clean dress pants and since I’ve been freezing in my office all week it’s a skirt and panty hose for me.  Seriously though, laundry, is there anyone out there that actually likes doing laundry?  Or dishes, I hate doing dishes more than I hate doing laundry and the reason is really simple.  They are tasks that no matter what, you are never done!  You can devote your entire Saturday morning to washing all of your clothes, linens, etc and scrubbing every dish in the house.  Ta-da!  You’re done and for thirty glorious seconds it’s beautiful.  But then you realize that you’re a little parched from all of that hard work, so you get a glass of water.  That’s when the spiral of despair begins.  You realize that not all of the dishes are clean anymore, because the very act of congratulating yourself on a job well done with a refreshing glass of water has dirtied a dish.  Then you realize that while you spent hours washing, drying, folding, ironing (okay scratch ironing, who actually irons anymore?), and putting away the clothes, you are in fact wearing clothes . . . which are now dirty . . . which means that even as you have finished the job, it has started all over again.




This is why I hate laundry and dishes.  You’re never done and the satisfaction of doing the work is short-lived at best.  This is also why I own over a month’s supply of underwear.  You can get by with the smell test on a pair of pants for one more wear, but on a pair of underwear that’s just nasty!  So as I am at the end of that supply I will once more begrudgingly be doing laundry this weekend . . . naked . . . and drinking straight from the faucet, because damnit I want my victory of everything clean all at once!