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A Whole New Level of Pain

I made the decision that I wanted to start incorporating more exercise into my weekly routine. After all I sit at a desk for 40 hours a week at work and I would prefer if my ass didn’t start to resemble the chair that it sits in! I already walk my dogs on a daily basis and truth be told keeping those little monsters at bay is an arm workout combined with a walk, but I felt the need for more. So I sat down and came up with a workout routine that would slowly ramp myself up into strenuous, healthful workouts several times a week …


Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound like me AT ALL! Which would explain why I instead dove in head first and did a P90X workout followed up by an intermediate pilates class. Yeah, that definitely sounds more like me, because I am smart!  S-M-R-T smart!  Which means that I now have been introduced to a whole new level of pain.  Forget saying that it hurts to move, at this point it hurts to exist!  The very act of breathing is painful.  Apparently out of shape at 31 is significantly different than out of shape at 26.  And I only did half of the P90X workout, I’m fairly certain that I wouldn’t be able to walk if I had done the whole thing!  Good grief!

I believe that it is time to regroup, maybe do some yoga, or a hot bath with a glass of wine and handful of ibuprofen.  Maybe approach this whole exercise thing a bit more gingerly, a bit slower.  A beginning pilates class.  Because while I was an instructor, that was 8 years ago and just because I know the exercises does not mean that I can still do them.  Lesson learned!  However, thank you to the puggles, my arms are perfectly fine.  The little monsters!