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10 Things I Know About Being Sick

  1. My dad always said that if something was worth doing it was worth doing right, I apparently took this to heart when it comes to getting sick.
  2. That being said, I have the patience to be sick for a grand total of 2-3 days, after which point I start going stir-crazy and decide that I’m not sick anymore . . . my body on the other hand never really seems to agree with this timeline.
  3. If I’m actually willing to go to the doctor, it’s because people have started to ask me if I’d like a slide show at my funeral.
  4. My voice drops even lower than normal, to the point that I should really start talking dirty and charging everyone that calls me $1.99 per minute.
  5. No matter what kind of cold medication I use I will eventually develop some sort of allergic reaction to it including, but not limited to: dizziness, double vision and seeing things.
  6. If that Dragon insists on hanging out in the kitchen, the least he could do is wash the dishes and make some coffee!
  7. I don’t crave soup, I crave pizza.  So if anybody wants to bring over some pizza I would love you forever.
  8. I go from sleeping 5-6 hours a night to sleeping 10-12 hours per night.  Which means I know that I’m finally getting better the first night that I go to bed and lay there WIDE AWAKE all night because I’m still good to go from the previous night.
  9. At some point I will swallow a cough drop whole and almost choke and die.  It happens every time.  It’s like I’m still four years old.
  10. No matter what I am actually sick with, if you ask me what’s wrong I will tell you that I have the plague.


So apologies for the radio silence this week.  Hopefully we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week.  Once I’m over the plague.

  • :Donna Marie

    Oh, Kat, as of #3 I literally laughed out loud through to the end! This is hilarious! Thanks for the chuckles 😀 I’m tweeting this one, only it’s 1:30am, so I’m not sure who’s going to see it *sigh*

  • holly wilson

    made me laugh at 3 in the morning…..thanks Kat 🙂 xo

  • Natasha Wakefield

    Love it doll! I have an ear infection at the moment, and consider the hallucinations etc from my medication a welcome bonus 😉