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Kat Michels is an award-winning writer, including two regional Emmy awards and a TDMonthly Editor’s Choice Award. She is known for her passion in digging beyond the surface to unearth the hidden stories beneath, and is comfortable working in a variety of mediums. She has written two children’s books, two short-form documentaries, and she worked as a theater critic in the Los Angeles Metro area for over four years. Kat is also the author of the column Heroines of History that started in Business Heroine Magazine. These articles examined the deeds of great women in American history who received little to no recognition for their work. Kat now tells those stories on her Patreon page. You can become a patron by clicking the button below.

Kat has started work on a non-fiction series entitled Through Her Eyes and is excited to announce that her third children’s book, Monsters in the Night, and her first historical fiction novel, In a Time Never Known, are due out in October!




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